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Word of Mouth Marketing

The customers preferred choice

FACT 1: In a survey carried out by Nielsen, 92% of consumers report that a word of mouth recommendation is the top reason they buy a product or service.

FACT 2: Yankleovich identified; “............. only 14% of consumers trust advertisers”.

FACT 3: North Eastern University research shows that “77% of word of mouth is face to face and 6% is online”

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product and service fits them and sells itself" ... Peter Drucker

Our goal at WOMMAU is to help business achieve this.

The more closely aligned products and services are with the customer, the more Australian businesses will be better equipped to compete in the home and overseas markets.

Great Word of Mouth Marketing comprises of (but not limited too) the following: 

1. Feedback & Innovation

2. Culture & Structure

3. Collaboration & Relationships

4. Customer Experience & Stories

5. Analysis & Promotion

6. Education

7. Networking & Conversations

Business development groups:

There are a plethora of marketing ideas and approaches available, yet few talk about the customers preferred approach – Word of Mouth.

Everyone in business makes use of and relies on Word of Mouth and yet very few actually build it into their business strategy. 

WOMMAU exists to change that

As a business owner it made sense to me that I learn as much as possible about how to use Word of Mouth & Relational Marketing to maximize business growth.

I also recognized that it’s more compelling to hear from people who ‘walk the talk’ - business owners who are successfully using WOMM techniques to grow their business. This coupled with some practical business development exercises and an opportunity to meet new people led to the formation of Wommau Business development Groups. 

Word of Mouth is a skill that is rarely taught, but much relied upon.

WOMMAU Business development groups aim to meet a need in the market place around educating business owners how to use WOMM techniques to (further) grow their business while putting them into contact with people who can provide top level introductions. 

How can a BD group benefit my business? 


Learn best practice techniques in Word of Mouth and Relational Marketing from business owners who are already achieving success in these areas. We learn better from someone I can identify with especially someone who is walking the talk.


Provides an affordable marketing programme. Ensure your logo is circulated throughout other business owner networks, keep in contact with your clients, no hassle of organising & running your own events.


Secure introductions to companies you would like to do business with.


Professionally supported & facilitated allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.


Only one person in your profession in a BD group ensuring you are not competing with anyone else.


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  • “Martin was able to sift through the various problems, distractions and everyday running of the business and helped me clearly focus on the direction I wanted to take my business....his training sessions contributed to improvements in the everyday running of the business, especially in the area of communication with both staff and customers. I am more than happy to recommend Martin to others”.

    Phil Van Dijk
    Director, Publication Perspectives Pty Ltd
  • “Since I have been working with Martin I have found him to be knowledgeable, gentle, willing to listen, persevering and task orientated, but also patient and flexible when appropriate. I have found him to be a man who works persistently towards gaining results with the utmost of confidentiality”. 

    Grant Hutchinson
    Managing Partner, Hutchinson Legal
  • “Martin, I might not have been so direct in saying this yesterday, but I really felt that your presentation was excellent icing on the cake. It got people engaged, fired up and I loved your style. It was tremendous”.

    Mark Luckey
    Managing Director WebSource Pacific Pty Ltd
  • “.......he was good, it wasn’t about him! It was about Linkfire. Some business consultants are all about themselves.......”

    “.....I liked Martins ability to work in with the group dynamic and adapting to each situation rather than just bluntly presenting topics without gauging the group attention – well done”

    Keith Morrissey
    Operations Manger Linkfire Pty Ltd
  • “Your engaging nature was clearly evident, as you captured the audience right from the start. The feedback from the group after the session was fantastic, and the core questioning that you facilitated deliberately sought to have the staff engage in a more meaningful way. You delivered a very complex topic, in an incredibly simple format, which was immediately latched onto by a number of staff, and therefore a great success. I would be more than happy to recommend you to deliver this facilitated seminar to others”.

    Mark O’Reilly
    Director, Austbrokers Countrywide General Insurance Brokers
  • “I thoroughly recommend Martin as an excellent speaker who knows his material well and delivers it in an entertaining and informative manner.

    Michael Fahie
    President Victorian Chapter International Coach Federation
  • An absolute dynamo........... Martin’s manner and subject kept us all enthralled. Thanks again

    Catherine Bragagnolo
    Business Programs Co-coordinator, CAE
  • “The first time I was in an audience when Martin spoke, I was moved to tell him that he ‘blew my mind’. Martin Bailey’s experience, expertise and incisive contribution to any business professional through his services and programs are a fundamental investment. As a speaker, his interactive style empowers audiences to take action. He sifts through assumptions, reservations and excuses to show you that you are already on the stepping stones to success. He offers pathways that become your blueprint to take you from having contacts, to establishing connections with them and then engaging in meaningful communications. Personal growth and business growth are the inevitable results. I commend and recommend Martin for your business success.”  

    Joseph D'Souza
    Executive Coach, Joseph D'Souza & Associates Pty Ltd
  • “..... Martin provides insights into marketing that allows those who have attended his workshops, to understand both the value and the process. None that attend his presentation will leave without a new insight into how their business can improve by utilizing Martins back to basics approach. I am happy to recommend Martin to anyone who seeks to develop their business.”

    David Gregory
    CEO, Small Business Mentoring Service
  • “I first met Martin when he was a guest speaker at a conference I was attending in March 2010. Martin is a most interesting and engaging speaker, with a deep knowledge of the practical aspects of building business. He has the ability to gather his audience in and involve them in building his much so that I still remember his examples and the main themes he developed some 6 months later. 

    Since this first meeting, I have had occasion to work with Martin a number of times and continue to be impressed by his deep expertise, lively presentation style and imaginative approach. 

    Martin would be of real value to any organization......and I am happy to recommend him.”

    Kennedy Baker
    Managing Director, Coaching Leaders Pty Ltd
  • “The work he did with me not only generated a steady stream of productive referrals, leading to an annual increase in turnover of more than 20%, but this made me stand out from the crowd to the extent that my career progressed with promotion to a Board position"

    David Prior
    Director, Crombies Financial Services Ltd
  • “....the business that Martin helped me to earn and the confidence gained on Martin's courses has helped my business grow to around 15% of my overall turnover… ROI was around 2500%......I would have no problem recommending Martin to anyone in business.”

    Matthew Stenson
    Director, MS Accountancy Services
  •  “......Martin was really good with strategic development and tactical implementation and his decision making was calm, clear and well paced. I think if you choose to work with Martin you've made a very good decision!”

    Brian Herdman
    Chief Executive, Young & Lee Solicitors
  • “Martin helped me develop and mature as an individual and in business. He is extremely knowledgable in his field and is always willing to share this in order to help others. Word of mouth marketing is a skill and Martin knows exactly how to deliver this to others."

    Adam Harris
    Business Development Consultant for the UK Channel at CompTIA 
  • ...more testimonials on the way...


After 13 years working and training in productivity improvement with companies such as Rolls Royce, Leyland DAF, The Employment Service, Kellogg’s, Royal Bank of Scotland, Northern Foods, Courtaulds, Caradon Bathrooms and Josiah Wedgwood & sons I made the ‘leap’ into marketing.

“Seeing the decline in manufacturing and the failure of traditional productivity improvement techniques to reverse the situation, I began looking for new ideas to proactively promote businesses in the market place”. 

I purchased a marketing franchise and developed over 30 networking groups training business owners in Word of Mouth, networking and how to generate referrals. Over eight years I trained more than 1000 business owners & BDM’s, organised over 4500 events helping to generate approximately $270 million of new business.

“My passion continues to be to help businesses grow through Word of Mouth and to improve the Customer Experience process. It’s honest, reliable and it’s the customer’s favourite”.

For a confidential discussion on how WOMMAU can help your business,  call Martin on  0432 997 017

WOMM Video 11 March 2015
WOMM Video 25 October 2015


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