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Peter Walstab - Excellent Edges.


Peter Walstab - Excellent Edges.

How do you sell the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of scissors in a market flooded with cheap foreign imports?

One of the first things Pete recognised was that the $3000 pair of scissors he purchased was not in-and-of-itself a great tool. He needed to learn how to cut more effectively first and from this he had inadvertently identified a gap in the market – educating hairdressers and selling scissors.

When the internet exploded, Excellent Edges went from becoming a big fish in a small pond to becoming a medium sized fish in a huge pond. They realised they needed to identify a need that their competitors didn’t do or service well and that was to sell specific tools for specific cutting purposes or ‘Scissors for the serious’.

In a price sensitive market, where buyers could buy based solely on price, Excellent Edges set about removing this as the sole buying choice. They began to work on taking away the clients buying prejudice toward price being the number one consideration when purchasing scissors.

Find out the problem, find a solution for it and remove the buyers prejudice.

This is exactly the same issue that most business owners face. For Excellent Edges, Quality of the product is one of their major differentiators.  

“We control the quality. We remanufacture imported products and make them unique. We also realised that we needed to know our product better than anyone else in the market place”.

“It’s all about the end user”. Peter runs education sessions for hairdressers where he teaches cutting techniques in order to help them be more profitable and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. When they learn new techniques, they do this using our product. “We focus on the product and techniques so they can apply this to what they know. We never teach people they were wrong”.

Then we have ambassadors give a hair cutting demonstration using our product and techniques. These ambassadors are well known in the industry as great stylists. What do they get out of it? Scissors, discounted rates for staff, and also we help them with their portfolios. Helping them complete their portfolios gives them greater industry recognition. We take an interest in the needs of the end user and because of this, they feel ownership for the product, take an interest in how Excellent Edges is growing and they love it.

The result: Excellent Edges sales have doubled in the last 5 years and this year we will run 150 education sessions.


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