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Rebecca and Dale are seeking your help


Biofuel Innovations - Dr Rebecca Yee & Dr Dale Barnett

Estimates show that 90 million litres of waste trap grease is generated each year in Victoria. So Dr Rebecca Yee & Dr Dale Barnett decided to do something about this and started Biofuel Innovations.

Both are qualified chemists and they designed a unique manufacturing process that uses less water, uses no toxic chemicals, cooks the grease at a lower temperature than other technologies, yields a higher grade of glycerine and turns unwanted waste grease into bio-diesel.

Currently the process can make 6000 litres of diesel per month which will soon increase to 50,000 litres.

Rebecca and Dale are seeking your help.

They are seeking introductions to hauliers, farmers etc. With 20 vehicles or more who would like to make use of a ‘green fuel’ source, potentially save money and have a consistent price for diesel fuel.

Rebecca and Dale can be contacted on 0478 890 210 or



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