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Steve Jobs knew this would happen when he appointed Tim Cook as CEO.


Steve Jobs knew this would happen when he appointed Tim Cook as CEO.

Steve Jobs talked about sales and marketing people taking over companies and pushing the creative, product oriented people out of the decision-making forums.

He stated, “As a result, the companies forget what it means to make great products.” Realistically, they are missing the top-down mindset of creative chaos. The idea is that you shouldn’t attack any problem with the same process you attacked the last problem. It’s about letting that chaos of ideas overwhelm your thoughts. It’s about making connections between seemingly random things. And when you hit those roadblocks, take a break, trusting the chaotic approach, and not falling back into an old process.

Jobs loved to have walking meetings to hash out ideas and reclaim that creative flow.

You have a better chance at two balls colliding, by throwing a hundred of them down the stairs than you do by tossing one in the air and throwing another one at it. Innovation comes from making connections that don’t seem possible; by doubting the way something is currently done and replacing it with a new way.

These connections aren’t made through systematic processes. Innovation stems from controlled chaos. Einstein was famous for his messy desk covered in idea-filled papers...not an orderly notebook of theories.

This chaotic part of creativity can come from the influx of external inspiration. So the question is, where will you get your external inspiration from?  


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