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What’s a bloke doing organising a women’s networking event?


What’s a bloke doing organising a women’s networking event?     

This is the question that I asked myself! What am I doing?

I spend quite a lot of my time mentoring business owners. One of the things I mention to more than 90% of them is that business owners are often too close to a situation or ’they have a hard time seeing the wood because of the number of trees’. We get so used to a situation or we are so busy that it’s often an (uncomfortable) surprise to us when somebody points something out that is so blatantly obvious. How could we have missed it?

 Now I am also eating humble pie. Out of the 80+ clients I have mentored in the past 12 months, over 60% of them have been women business owners! I only realised this last week.

 What I can also share with you is that most business people benefit by learning:

1.    How to get the basics right

2.    Learn from the experience of others

3.    Get support and inspiration

4.    Apply WOMM techniques

5.    Understand how to GROW.

So I thought I would introduce a Women’s only networking opportunity, which provides support, a learning environment with some talented speaker/ practitioners thrown in.

Our next event is on Wednesday 14th September from a guy who sells scissors for $3000 a pair.



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