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What women want


What women Want

At the inaugural meeting of the Eastern Business Women’s Network, Jane Cann from ‘Time to Grow’ shared details about the ‘Fulfilment formula’.

This formula encourages business people to identify their passion, talents and which association or tribe they need to be part of. We are at out most motivated when we are driven by our values (passions) strengths and abilities (talents). In order to progress we need to surround ourselves with people who understand and will support you (known as your association). Jane also mentioned that the antidote to fear is action, courage occurs when there is action and when we are ‘in action’ we are being loyal to our standards.    

When the attendees were asked for their main reasons for being in business, the replies included: Challenge, lifestyle and freedom. Jane pointed out that women have a higher ability to show compassion in business.

When Jane asked “What are some of the benefits for women to network with other women”? The audience provided the following feedback:

 “Feel able to relate better outside of the business”, “removes the need to be competitive as with some male dominated networking functions”,” you can be a lot more real with other women”, ”I come from a male dominated industry; networking and acceptance can be hard”, ”I can seek support from other women without being judged”, ”other women are happy to help others on their journey”, ”women are better able to visualize what you are saying”, “it’s great to be involved in creating a tribe”.

For more information, contact Jane Cann on:  0432 969368, or go to her website and signup to receive her newsletter:


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